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  • Retirement Your Way!

    Whether you are planning on retiring next month, in ten years or assisting family already retired, these pages are designed with you in mind. Peruse the following categories for simplistic answers to your retirement concerns.

    Know your options.

    Medicare coverage remains a mystery not only to seniors who have been participating for years, to persons with disabilities as well as to boomers currently enrolling. Part A, Part B, Medicare Supplement, PDP, donut hole and more expressions contribute to the confusion. Our explanation, Medicare 101 is designed to simplify not only what Medicare covers but outline all the options to which you are entitled. [LEARN MORE]

    Protection in life and death.

    Life insurance guarantees, embodied in the evolving products and riders offered today, promote a living benefit as well as protection in the death benefit; as a resource to fund large purchases monies to access for college, or a source to supplement retirement without income tax ramifications. Acquaint yourself with the varied product offerings on the life insurance tab. [LEARN MORE]

    Be prepared.

    Retirement can be thirty years or more, so we need a plan. Many seniors today are running out of money and dependent on Social Security as their only source of income. Don't spend your golden years under the golden arches. Check out the resources available to you on the Retirement Readiness tab. [LEARN MORE]

    Think about the future.

    Find out why a "Will is Not Enough" as well as other resources available to you in succession planning. In certain cases, leaving a legacy to your favorite charity or church may generate less estate tax owed. Complimentary consults are available to evaluate your exit strategy for potential liabilities. [LEARN MORE]


    For Beneficiaries

    With all the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, the family has grown from living in multi-generational units under one roof, to living in different states. With this geographical separation, children and parents are removed from the intimacies of each other's daily lives and when our loved ones become incapacitated or pass, a will is not enough. As one of the most comprehensive archives of a person's life, this book is a tool to bridge the gap. [Purchase]


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