• Retirement Readiness

    Don't Spend Your Golden Years Under the Golden Arches

    Retirement Readiness is an important issue not only for the boomer turning 65 but for empty nesters in their fifties all the way down to young executives just embarking on a career. How Much Is Enough? is a power point presentation complete with workbook available for presentation to groups exploring the many facets in building and sustaining retirement.

    Do you remember the impact market corrections had on your 401k in the past 10 years? Did you know you can protect funds in your retirement plan without a penalty prior to age 59 1/2 to guarantee against market losses? Contact us today to safeguard your money as well as your employees money against market risk.

    Are you familiar with the "Rule of 100"? Subtract your age from 100 and the remainder is the percentage of your money that should be exposed to market risk. Obviously, the older we get, the less time we have to recover from market corrections, so we gravitate to guarantees which insure we maintain our financial independence. Annuities offer protection of principal with the opportunity for growth. As independent brokers we assess the suitability and offer recommendations which reflect your unique needs and protect your assets.

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